A digital art of Giovanna, she is white woman, with curly long ginger hair, wearing a light blue turtleneck. In front of her face appears a lines simulating a facial recognition screening, under it is written "new recruit identified"


I'm Gi, a UX Designer. I have a Bachelor's in Visual Design, and I'm a master's student in Product & Service Design. Explore my portfolio to evaluate how I transform complex challenges into intuitive solutions that resonate with users' needs.

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Leroy Merlin's HR had a limited understanding of employee exiting reasons, which affected retention and referral rates. This web app helped them clarify reasons for quitting and increased recommendations by 39%.

#DataAnalysis #BusinessRequirements #Figma #Wireframing #UI #UX #ConceptTesting #UsabilityTesting

In the image there is a computer silver monitor displaying a login page of the company Leroy Merlin.


Milanese food aid organizations struggled with long lines and staff shortages. This mobile and desktop app aims to help them use their resources more efficiently.

#Figma #BusinessRequirements #UI #UX #CardSorting #InformationArchitecture #ContextualInquiry

In the image there is a computer silver monitor displaying a login page of the company Leroy Merlin.


Crowded open offices compromise students' and workers' concentration and productivity. This mobile app controls a smart device to boost students' productivity.

#Figma #Photoshop #Illustrator # DesirabilityTesting #Service Design #Interviews #Miro 

The image displays 4 mobile screens of the same App, called Mowa. They are all in beige and brown shades, the first has the logo of Mowa, the second is a screen to scan a QR code, the third, there are some pictures and a player, the fourth there are controls to customize the player.

Solidary Orchard

Residents of the Park Way neighborhood had significant food waste from their amateur production. This mobile app helps them reduce their food waste by 500kg annually.

#AdobeXD #MarvelApp #Prototyping #DesignReviewCycles #SurveyResearch

Tech Knowledge

Research Papers


Virtual Assistant for Older Users

Enhancing unobtrusive home technology systems with a virtual assistant for mood and social monitoring.

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Machine Learning on Digital Services

How machine-led service encounters, interactions, and experiences reshape service design practice.

Awaiting JSR Peer Review


VR and AR in Design Education

Improving students' and professors' experience through virtual and augmented reality in Design Higher Education.

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Bias in AI-enabled Digital Services

A guide for service designers on how to identify and prevent bias in machine learning-enabled services.

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Python for everyone

Career Summary


UX Research Intern 2023-23

Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV)

Senior Strategic Designer 2020-21

Brazilian Senate

Service Designer 2019-20

Design Intern 2017-19

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