A web app created in six weeks for Leroy Merlin to improve their offboarding experience, collect valuable feedback, and facilitate seamless knowledge transfer from departing talent to new recruits

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Prototype & Test

Final Solution


During COVID-19, Leroy Merlin experienced a wave of employee resignations. They aimed to improve the offboarding process to benefit departing employees experience and boost their company's image to attract new job applicants.


  • Define business requirements;
  • Check state-of-the-art knowledge on the topic;
  • Conduct User Research;
  • Create a Concept;
  • Facilitate 3 Design Reviews;
  • Design the Final Solution;


  • Defining project success metrics;
  • Scraping data to support client's immediate needs, and tackle research bias;
  • Presenting the concept proposal to the client;
  • Prototyping and testing,
  • Design System & UI;
  • Measure results a year later.


Prior to our project, 76 out of 124 (61%) former employees recommended Leroy Merlin Italy on Glassdoor (data from 2021-22). After our project, all 109 (100%) former employees recommended Leroy Merlin Italy as a good employer (data from 2022-23).


Prototype & Test

We conducted three design reviews to enhance our concept, involving departing employees, their teams for organized handovers, and the HR department for alignment.

I was the main facilitator on the three reviews, two were online and one onsite. In these ocasions, we validated the user journey, gathered feedback for improvement, and tested the concept using paper wireframes.

Final Solution

Incorporating feedback to improve knowledge transfer templates and navigation. I designed a design system the final screens for HR Admins, while another colleague designed the ones to departing employees. We also designed together the tool's service offer.

Design System

Prototype for HR Admins

Service Design


Our final solution received positive feedback from the HR team, leading to an inviation to present it to the Italian Director's Board two months later.

The project started from the motivation to improve the offboarding process to benefit departing employees experience

Presentation to the HR team

Presentation to the Italian Director's Board.


(76 out of 124 former employees)


(109 out of 109 former employees)

and boost Leroy Merlin Italy's image. By the peak-end rule we believed that by improving the end peak of an employee experience we could improve their overall perception of their time in the company. That's why we defined our success metric the company's reputation on Glassdoor*.

*Only reviews from Italy


Anita Colombo

Beatrice Fidone

Giovanna Mundstock

Meng Luoheng

❤️ Special Thanks to:

Leroy Merlin, and their collaborators.

My team, for their unwavering commitment to this project.

My professors, for their valuable guidance.

Project developed in the course of Product-Service System Design Studio from Politecnico di Milano.