Pomar Solidário

Pomar Solidário (Solidary Orchard) is a communitarian fruit and vegetable takeout in Brasília, Brazil. A place where amateur producers can share their surplus with their community and donate it to NGOs.


10 months Jan 2019 - Jan 2019




UX and UI designer Service designer


Produce loss in the Park Way neighborhood


Sharing station (Network + App)


Local food loss

In the neighborhood of Park Way (Brasilia, DF), research showed that 97% of residents grow food in their yards. At the same time, 55% mention food loss in their home production, generating an annual loss of tons of fruits and vegetables in the region — mostly organic.

Share your harvest

Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people. Through a product-service system, the community trades their harvest in the morning. While in the afternoon, Education NGOs take the surplus to feed their students.

System map

Understand how product and service work together

Computer vision

UX research revealed that exotic fruits were more prone to be wasted due to a lack of information about them. Therefore, we included an AI feature to help users identify these fruits and their properties.

Press start, and show a fruit to the camera to test the model

Real impact

Since the launch in 2019, we have been able to:

  • Reduce food loss in the neighborhood by one ton per year;
  • Consequently, reduce also the carbon footprint of the waste by 2.5 tons per year;
  • Provide an extra meal for 15 children of a local NGO that benefits from donations;
  • Engage regularly with about 80 amateur producers.

Pomar Solidáriofrom your gardento a neighbor's table.

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Giovanna Mundstock

My contributions

Service Design

UX design

Graphic Design

Project developed as my bachelor thesis from University of Brasilia.

Gold medal in the Brazil Design Award.